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IT equipment cleaning is often one of the most overlooked type of cleaning within an office, but ironically its where most cross infection takes place. It has been widely reported that there are incredible more than 14 times types of bacteria found on a standard officekeyboard or mouse, than on a toilet seat.

Computers and phones are frequently shared items around an office, so it's no wonder germs are so easily be transmitted within the work place, MRSA, c-difficile and e-coli are a major threat to any modern workplace,


  • The UK average for days off due to ill health in 2014 was reported as 4.4 days per employee
  • Losing just one worker for few days due to a stomach bug or virus can be crippling to any business.

Elite Cleaning Service offers the care and attention to detail your office equipment requires, our intricate Sanitising of PC’s, keyboards, Laptops, Printers, Copiers and Phones is a skilled task, that requires care and attention to detail by specifically trained operatives.

We can arrange cleaning on a monthly, quarterly, six monthlybasis or even annually depending on your budget. Generally a regular clean every quarter is the most popular choice.
Our operatives can work within or outside the scope of your core business hours, they will apply an effective odour friendly sanitising agent to eradicate bacteria,MRSA, c-difficile and e-coli viruses from your sensitive office equipment.

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