Environmental Management System 2015

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Elite Cleaning Service Ltd has introduced an Environmental Management System based on the following principles.We initially assessed our activities, products, processes and services that might affect the environment, and have broken them down into the following categories.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Efficiency
  • Chemicals and waste products
  • Transportation
  • Deliveries
  • Substainability
  • Recycling

This led us to produce and continually develop our first Environmental Policy in 2011, and subsequently then a Sustainability Policy also 2011. These Policies seek to put in place an environmental improvement programme so that our business has less and less negative impact on the environment year on year.

Elite Cleaning Service Ltd and its suppliers are fully aware that some of our processes that may likely affect our environment; however our management and staff are committed to continual improvement and review wherever possible, in an effort to reduce such impact regardless of legislation or minimum standards.

Elite Cleaning Service Ltd is committed to protecting the environment at all levels of our business activity. We endeavour to influence our industry in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, particularly with regards to the products we supply and use, and the services we provide, we encourage our suppliers and clients to do the same wherever possible.

Both our Environmental Policy and Sustainability Policy are covered in our induction process, as well as displayed prominently on staff notice boards and is included in all site packs stored within our client’s premises and is present in all our company vehicles.

The key points of this strategy are:

  • Efficiency
    Reviewing the efficiency of our business including paper usage, energy and raw materials usage.

  • Chemicals and waste product.
    Reviewing the quantity and concentration of chemicals purchased.

  • Transportation
    Reviewing the type and usage of company vehicles.

  • Deliveries
    Ensuring deliveries are made in an organised and efficient manner and duration.

  • Sustainability
    Ensuring our supply partners and ourselves work in a responsible and sustainable way.

  • Recycling
    Put in place a process of recycling as much waste as is possible.

This has led us to having written procedures which allow us to control any activities that might have a significant environmental impact, and are covered in more detail in our Environmental and Sustainability Policies.

This system is audited periodically to ensure it is operated effectively by our Contracts Managers using advice from Netregs and Envirowise, with all recommendations being made to our Director. A formal review of this Environmental Management System is completed by our Managing Director, on an annual basis alongside all our other Company Policies on or around the 2nd March each subsequent year.

David Hassall

Managing Director

Elite Cleaning Service Ltd

Dated 2/03/15

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