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In order to ensure the success of our organization, it was important that we considered strengthening our recruitment and vetting processes. Proper vetting of staff and recruitment processes are vitally important to boosting working efficiency of our entire company.

Basically, an organization or a company will not work efficiency without the help of human resources. Our employees are the key towards our growth and success. An organisation will likely be useless without right people to run, control and monitor it. A professional staff selection process involves different recruitment processes so that you can get assurance that people who will be part of your companies team and are able to work efficiently, with professional manner and are therefore suitable for a certain position.

Of course, criteria and qualifications may vary in accordance to different instances or certain position a person applied for. Commonly recruitment and vetting procedures are screened via initial phone conversations discussing previous experiences candidates may have, followed by viewing a candidates CV showing any qualification gained, then via our monitored interviewing processes. An applicant needs to pass through such stages or procedures in order to be considered as a future team member.

It should go without saying however applicants must able to prove their skills and capabilities so that we can choose what role will best suit them. We required a two years checkable work history, references will be sort prior to any offer of employment. Before an employee is offered employment he/she will be required to prove that they have the right to work in the UK.

They will need to produce a combination of documents to confirm they are eligible, for example, a passport, a visa or a work permit if they are a non-national, proof of address for example a utilities bill or bank statement. We explain to all candidates what documents we will require prior to any interviews being conducted.


We operate and provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality in accordance with legislative provisions. We expect all our staff's support in implementing these policies. We will not condone any unlawful discriminatory act or attitude in the course of any member of staff's employment or in their dealings with our clients, suppliers, contract workers, members of the public or with fellow employees. Acts of unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation will result in disciplinary action, and may lead to summary dismissal.


Our employees are made aware via our in house training program the importance of Health and Safety procedures and company policies, as well as our companies environment and welfare policies via our employee handbook.

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